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NSW Bus Authority Training

Within NSW, a driver that wishes to drive a public passenger vehicle must hold a NSW "Drivers Authority". Transport for NSW has an approved Driver Authority Training course package developed by BUS NSW and INTO Training. Compass Tours are certified to provide this training course and conduct the assessment.

Driver Authority training can be conducted  by Compass Tours by contacting our office during work hours to make an appointment and to book your position on the course.
Training courses are conducted on the first Saturday of every month at Penrith NSW and must be pre-booked to ensure there are sufficient positions available on the course.

Please Note: 72 hours notice is the minimum requirement to book for the Drivers Authority Course. There is a $100.00 NON refundable deposit required to obtain your Application Package which includes your information package, resource books and study material. Packages may be posted for $15.00 directly to your postal address.

Individual Courses
We offer the Course individually as a "one on one" training course at a time suitable to the  should the student require their drivers authority urgently.

Group Courses
We offer a group training course throughout NSW for bus companies and training organisations conducting recruitment campaigns

Onsite Courses (onsite at your depot or workplace)
We offer the course for bus companies and training organisations wishing to hold the course at there depot or training facilities.

Course Costs

Shared Class (Saturday) - $320 including GST per student (Includes Application Pack)

Individual Course (by appointment) - $420 including GST per student (Includes Application Pack)

Onsite Courses (by appointment) - $480 including GST + Travel time (Includes Application Pack)

Group Courses - ( up to 3 students) - $380 including GTS per student (Includes Application Pack)

                            ( 4 or more) - $320 including GST per student (Includes Application Pack)

Driver Authority Training Course Booking Form

To obtain an Authority to drive buses, an applicant must meet the required criteria:

  • Be at least twenty [20] years of age

  • Hold an unrestricted/unconditional driver licence issued in NSW

  • Have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence for a total of at least twelve [12] months in the two [2] years immediately preceding the date of the application

  • Have passed an examination or assessment, at a level determined by the Director-General, in medical fitness

    Satisfy that he or she:

  • May lawfully work in Australia

  • Have knowledge of the Passenger Transport Act 1990 and Passenger Transport Regulations 2007  relating to the operation of a bus  (copies of the Act & Regulations are available on the Internet)

  • Is of good repute and in all other respects a fit and proper person to be the driver of the vehicle concerned (RMS will check to see whether an applicant has a criminal record)

  • Has sufficient responsibility to drive the vehicle concerned in accordance with law and custom

    Once an applicant has determined that they meet the criteria, they must lodge the following with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) or Roads and Maritime Services (RMS):

  • Driver Authority Application Form(completed and signed)

  • Medical Assessment Form (completed) – this will involve a medical examination and, if a further medical referral is required, a completed Medical Specialist Assessment Report Form

  • Photocopy of the applicant’s driving licence

  • Two [2] recent colour photographs (65mm x 65mm) that comply with the requirements indicated on the Driver Authority Application Form ( not passport size )

  • Non-refundable cheque or money order payable to RMS

  • Evidence of the successful completion of a Bus Driver Authority training course

  • Birth Certificate, Passport or Citizenship Certificate (minimum 100 points of ID)

The course subjects include:

  • Legislation and Driver Authority
  • Customer Service
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Managing Breakdowns and Emergencies
  • Driver Welfare and Safety

There is no practical component to the course.

The Student lodges the following documents with Transport for NSW or Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

  • Driver Authority Application Form, (completed and signed);
  • Medical Assessment Form (completed - following medical examination);
  • photocopy of applicant's driving licence;
  • two recent colour photographs (65mmx65mm);
  • non-refundable cheque or money order payable to RMS;
  • Proficiency Certificate supplied upon successful completion of the Bus Driver Authority training course
  • Birth Certificate, Passport of Citizenship Certificate

Ministry of Transport processes the application and either:

a. Forwards the appropriate Driver Authority to the applicant; or

b. Advises the applicant that their application was unsuccessful.