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Our Company

We provide a wide range of transport and services
  1. School Charter, Sports, and Excursions: You cater to schools by providing transportation for charters, sports events, and excursions.
  2. Seniors and Social Group Outings: Your services extend to seniors and social groups, ensuring they have reliable transportation.
  3. Sports and Community Organizations: You assist sports teams and community organizations with their transportation needs.
  4. Corporate Events and Site Inspections: Corporations can rely on your services for events and site visits.
  5. Emergency and Pre-Planned Public Transport Replacement: You offer both emergency and scheduled replacement services for public transport.
  6. Government Transport, Including Foreign Dignitaries: Your company handles government transportation, including dignitaries from various levels.
  7. Private Functions and Special Events: Weddings, funerals, birthdays, and other private events benefit from your transport services.
  8. Social Activities: Race days, Christmas parties, and other social gatherings are part of your portfolio.
  9. Airport and Cruise Ship Transfers: Travelers can count on you for seamless transfers to and from airports and cruise ships.
  10. Domestic Travel Agencies for Inbound Tourism: You collaborate with travel agencies to facilitate inbound tourism.